Sailing Rules and Tactics

CRYA Technical Director John Ball is our resident expert on sailing rules and tactics. He has prepared a series of discussion pieces which review both the rules and  tactics of various parts of the race course.

Hot of the Presses

Here is a summary of the changes in the new 2017 – 2020 Rule book.


And based on the major changes to R 18.3, here is a review of those changes in more detail.


Sailing Rules and Tactics by John Ball

Note – these articles are based on the 2013-2016 Rule Book. The new RRS 2017-2020 is now available and comes into effect for January 2017. Some items in these articles will need updating to reflect the changes of the new rules – however the main impact is on Item # 2 The Weather Mark – and especially the discussion of R 18.3 Tacking in the Zone. I plan to update these articles over the coming months to reflect the new RRS.

Item 0: The Definitions   For beginners – Racing 101 – Some sailing terms explained

Item 1: Starts

Item 2: The Weather Mark

Item 3: Hailing

Item4: Rule 18 and the Downwind Gate

Item 4-bonus: Tactical Roundings and Proper Course at a Downwind Mark

Item 5: The Finish

Item 6: The Protest

Item 7: Proper Course