Personal Sail Numbers

The Association offers the option of personal sail numbers to members.

Rules that control identification on sails may be found in the Racing Rules of Sailing – Appendix G – Identification on Sails as modified by Appendix E – Radio Controlled Boat Racing Rules paragraph E8.

These rules allow owners to have their own personal sail number (two digit numbers).

The ISAF Identification on Sails rules apply to recognized international radio yacht classes and may also be used for classes recognized by the CRYA.

An owner may use a PSN for any class which the owner sails.

It should be noted that having a PSN does not bestow any privileges in the event of a sail number clash at events. This is based on a first come basis. The race committee have the responsibility to resolve the clash as found in RRS E8.(b).5

Personal Sail Number

A skipper wishing a Personal Sail Number may apply to the Registrar via the CRYA web site or, by email or letter.

A certificate will be issued on payment being made of the PSN annual fee.

The annual fee shall be set from time to time by the Executive.  The current fee is $5 per year payable annually with membership renewal

The owner is granted the use of the PSN for a period of five years. Ownership of the number is not granted.

Every effort will be made to accommodate an owner’s in choice of a suitable number.

There shall be a hundred numbers available,   00 to 99 in each Region.

A certificate not renewed after three months of the expiry date as displayed on the certificate can be reallocated without further notice.

An owner who lets his membership of the CRYA lapse for a period of three months shall lose the right to use the PSN allocated to him/her. The PSN will then be returned to the list of available numbers and may be reallocated immediately thereafter.

The annual fee may be waived by the Registrar if it is to the CRYA’s benefit.

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