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World Sailing Has Published the New
RRS for 2025-2028

Special attention should be paid to Appendix E: Radio Sailing Racing Rules. John Ball has an excellent Website that includes a summary of the changes that will affect Radio Sailing.

John Ball is a past Technical Director of the CRYA and continues to actively represent the CRYA in the International Radio Association, IRSA, as both our Country Representative and Executive Committee Secretary.

2024 Soling 1m Can-Am Regatta – Stowe, Vt.

Organized by the Stowe Yacht Club, (AMYA # 159), a friendly cross-border rivalry continues.  This is our year!  Join Team Canada in Stowe on August 3-4 to finally win the team title and vanquish our American friends!  Register for Team Canada today, we need your help! The notice of Race is here.  Follow this link, and to register, follow the registration link near the bottom of the NOR page. If you have never sailed in the CanAm, you have missed a great event. If you have been Stowed before, join us again.


2024 CRYA Soling 1m National Championship

Sullivan’s Pond – Dartmouth, NS
Hosted by: Halifax Area Model Yacht Club
June 15-16, 2024

The 2024 CRYA National Championship in the Soling One Metre class was held this past weekend at Sullivan’s Pond. While all but one entry came from the host club, we were very grateful that Blake Moran joined us from the Quinte Model Yacht Club.

Day one got underway with a steady rain falling, and a light a shifty wind from the south. Organizer in chief Brian Lugar made the gloomy weather a little more bearable with hot coffee, Tim Horton’s treats and most importantly, a tent to keep the scorers and the Race Director a little drier.

With the sailors assembled and the facilities erected, race director Bob Boutilier called for the skippers meeting and racing followed.

Race one started with twelve boats on the line and the rain intensifying. Immediately returning to the shore with a malfunctioning jib sheet, Jim Goddard started the first race in last place. With the shifty wind conditions challenging the fleet, the first race was won by Gary Bugden (213), second Brian Lugar (959) and third Blake Moran (967).

Race two brought a retirement for the balance of the day from Bob White (333) with radio problems before the start. Gary Bugden (213) repeated his winning form as conditions deteriorated further with a hard rain.

Race three saw two more competitors succumb to radio issues because of the dampness with Janice Anderson (625) and Mike McDonah (135) out for the day. The stalwart nine left behind were led to the finish by Jim Goddard (544), Blake Moran (967) and Mike Kennedy (110).

Jim Goddard (544) won race four and lunch arrived. Bob Boutilier announced that we would sail two more races following lunch and call it a day. While we love to race, we were all soaked and the weather was getting colder making the break a welcome announcement.

Jim Goddard (544) won races five and six.

















In the evening, we attended a BBQ at the home of Bob Boutilier, with most of the competitors in attendance. One interesting item under discussion was that the radios that failed were from Spektrum. Brian McDonah told us that the way he dried out the wet transmitter was to pre-heat the oven to 200 degrees F, turn it off, place the transmitter on the rack and leave it in the closed oven for a couple of hours. Amazingly it worked and two of the units revived while word is still out on the third. Unfortunately, while his transmitter came back on after the oven treatment, Mike McDonah still had issues and was sidelined early on day two.

Day two was beautiful, sunny and warm with a brisk wind from the north. Sullivan’s Pond runs from north to south, so we love winds from directions that favour the longest axis of the pond. North winds are traditionally fickle, with dramatic shifts in direction and changes in velocity. This day was no different.

Gary Bugden (213) retired from the regatta with back problems and Janice Anderson (625) was unable to get her boat operational but Bob White (333) returned to the competition. A few races in, Bill Fiortas (200) caught the radio bug and retired.









On this day we sailed nineteen races with Jim Goddard (544) winning eleven of them, Brian Lugar (959) winning four and Blake Moran (967) winning two. Brian McDonah (127) won one and Bob White (333) is still celebrating his win in race eighteen. We sailed through gusts of 25 knots, flat calm, 180 degree shifts (sometimes all in the same race) making no lead safe, all with good humour and clean sailing. This event also included the only tied finish in my memory as Jim Goddard and Blake Moran crossed the line together and the RD could not determine who crossed first.

1st Place with 25.5 points Jim Goddard
2nd Place with 56 points Brian Lugar
3rd Place with 64.5 points Blake Moran

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Left to Right: Blake Moran, Brian Lugar and Jim Goddard

Brian Lugar was the winner of a draw for a suit of sails donated by Dion Sails. Thanks to Pat Dion for his support of the Soling Class.

The numbers were a little disappointing for a National Championship, but we had a great time. At awards time, the winners were awarded some local potent potables and Nova Scotia maple syrup for their efforts. Each competitor received a commemorative coffee mug. Blake Moran was awarded a HAMYC cap as the sailor who travelled the farthest to attend.

Many thanks to Brian Lugar who handled the bulk of the work to make the regatta happen, Bob Boutilier for acting as Race Director and hosting the BBQ, Sarah Bugden-Carter for scoring and Richard Joules for assisting with setup.

Thanks also to John McKinney and the CRYA for their support.

Brian Lugar receiving the Dion Sails from Bob Boutilier Commodore of HAMYC


DF95 Ontario Regional Championship Regatta

Metro Marine Modellers Toronto is pleased to invite DF95 sailors to the CRYA 2024
Ontario Regional Championship Regatta at Lakefront Promenade, Mississauga, Ontario.  Join us for a day of close racing and friendly competition. NOR

Regional Championship Regattas Announced

The CRYA is pleased to announce that one of our affiliated clubs, Quinte Model Yacht Club, has been approved to hold three one-day Ontario Regional Championship Regattas in September of 2024. This is a great opportunity to participate in one or two or even all three events. The regattas will be held at the Trent Port Marina, Trenton, Ontario.

  1. Soling 1M Ontario Regional Championship Regatta, September 10th, 2024 NORRegistration is full for the Solings.  If you wish to be put on a waiting list in case of cancellations contact:
  2. Mini12 Ontario Regional Championship Regatta, September 11th, 2024. NOR. Registration is full for the Mini12’s.  If you wish to be put on a waiting list in case of cancellations contact:
  3. EC12 Ontario Regional Championship Regatta, September 12th, 2024. NOR

2024 Membership Dues ($10) were due as of December 1, 2023.
Please note that failure to renew by February 28 2024 will result in loss of ‘good standing’ and subsequent loss of membership if not renewed by April 30 2024.
See Section 3: CRYA Bylaws

A very successful and fun regatta for the Mini-12 class

by Brian Credico, Commodore, Quinte Model Yacht Club

Many thanks to John Clay. Without his drive, enthusiasm and management, this regatta would not have happened! And also to Blake, Marg and Brian, our volunteers who kept the day moving right along. And Noah, our Sailing School Rib driver and mark setter.
The Friday forecast for the original Saturday date was terrible! (Rain, T-storms, 40 kph gusts).So the decision was made to postpone to Sunday. Although Saturday wasn’t nearly as bad as forecast, Sunday was a beautiful sunny day with lighter winds.

Racing was from 10:15 am to 3:15 pm, while the winds veered during the day from North to SSE.  So we kept our Rib driver busy resetting the marks as the wind shifted

In total, we got in eighteen good windward leeward multi-leg races.  “A” rig was definitely favoured and used by all the competitors.  Although the “B” rig would likely have been competitive for the last few races.


The nine racers were all gentlemanly on and off the water, good sailors and competitive. And all were happy with the race organizing, the cookies, water and coffee provided. The BQYC venue was ideal for gathering, and pretty much any wind directions. As you can see from the photos, it’s one of the best locations you can find anywhere. And the bar was open for a drink after the racing!

Here are the final results with total score for each racer. Note that there was only ONE point difference between first and second place! The three podium winners got very nice forged aluminium keeper trophies and Rick, of course, also will have his name added to the club trophy.

Trophies awarded to Peter Berlin (3rd), John McKinney (2nd) and Rick Levick (1st)

1) Rick Levick #219    Port Rowan            32

2) John McKinney #215 Woodstock         33

3) Peter Berlin #224 Toronto/Picton       56

4) Gudmund Thompson #108 Ottawa          61

5) Paul Stamison  #140 Ottawa                 71

6) Mike Ingham   #09  Ottawa                   72

7) Dave Laroque  #126  Almonte                86

8) Dave Cunningham #135 Toledo                92

9) Bernd(BJ)Buessecker #222 Brighton        101

All competitors also got a “Goody Bag” with useful and memorial content.  i.e. A labelled  Beer Mug and an “engraved” multi-tool jack knife.

We enjoyed hosting this regatta and look forward to other clubs hosting regattas in 2024.

Report on 2023 Soling 1M National Championship Regatta

By Al Oliver, Secretary, Steveston RC Sailing Club

Eighteen racers enjoyed marvelous conditions June 24 and 25 for the Soling 1M Nationals in Steveston BC. Winds started out around 12 kn on Saturday and got everyone charging hard right away. Skippers had to be on their toes as they beat into a strong tidal current heading to the windward mark. Those who attempted to cut the corner a bit were usually rewarded with a second approach before they rocketed off down wind. Sunday was a bit less challenging with currents reduced and winds lighter.

Race officials did a fantastic job setting courses that provided good upwind legs in Steveston’s fairly narrow race area. Starts were usually in quite close quarters and very competitive and were mostly followed within a minute or two with a dozen or more boats heading directly for the dock on starboard tack. Rule 20 came into play frequently. The varied talents of racers often showed up with a group of regular leaders intensely fighting for the top six positions and the rest of the fleet engaged in another battle a ways back from the front. Perhaps this helped make both days highly enjoyable for most participants.

In the end, Blair VanKoughnett showed us all how its done with a commanding performance of 19 first place finishes in 24 races. Second spot went to Bud Fassnacht and third to Colin Huggett. Its interesting to note that a total of four skippers found themselves crossing the finish line first in at least one race. Also, no one dominated last place with five different skippers pulling up the rear at least once in the regatta.

The organizing committee put together a great experience. Beautiful First Nations art, donated by Aspen Insurance, was awarded to the top three skippers. A number of door prizes, donated by local businesses, were also presented in a random draw.

The big prize, a brand new 3DRCBoats Soling with rig and sails by Dion Sails and graphics by DragonSkins USA was won by Michael Kidd who had just competed in his first Soling 1M event with borrowed boat.

Good nutritious food and refreshments and a social gathering at Goodco Restaurant and Bar completed the experience. Many thanks to Paul Killeen for the photos, a full set of which will be posted to in due course.

It was an honour for Steveston RC Sailing Club to host this National Championship and we thank CRYA for their support and guidance.

Report on 2023 IOM National Championship Regatta and Results

By Peter Grimm, CRYA IOM Class Secretary and CRYA Pacific Region Director

The IOM NCR concluded this past Sunday, April 30.  The regatta was a huge success with 36 competitors, A and B rig conditions, 3 days of racing, fantastic social event on Saturday night, lots of prizes for everyone, keepsakes and t-shirts for everyone. Sunshine and great competition…what more could we ask for?! Barry Fox was honoured at the regatta with Purple t-shirts all displaying a purple fox and CAN 46 on their sleeves.

Awards were presented for top 3 in Gold Fleet, Silver Fleet, and Top Canadians. Top 5 were awarded prizes for top Woodies for the commemorative David Cook Woodie Nationals.

Please see here for results:

CRYA Newsletter Spring 2023 now available

CRYA Spring 2023

Update of CRYA IOM Ranking System approved by Board

To review this document, please go to Canadian IOM Ranking in the IOM class listing under the Classes dropdown menu. Also included is an update of the Canadian IOM rankings based on the new system as of December 5, 2022.

Fall 2022 Newsletter now available

CRYA Fall 2022 Newsletter

Oct 8 – Welcome new CRYA board members

Following the AGM, the following CRYA board member nominations have been passed by acclimation:

President: John McKinney
Gunther Yip
: Frank Kaufman
Technical Director
: David Allsebrook
Communication Director
: Rick Levick
: Bruce Silzer

Regional Director Atlantic:
Don McDermaid
Regional Director Quebec:
Luc Gloutney
Regional Director Ontario:
Paul Switzer
Regional Director Prairie:
Collin Aldridge
Regional Director Pacific:
Peter Grimm

Sep 18 – 2022 AGM discussion in members forum

A group has been created here to discuss AGM related items in the members only forum.

Sep 15 – 2022 AGM scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 8th, 12PM EST.

Click here to download the Notice of AGM and Agenda. The Skype video meeting link is in the PDF that was emailed to all voting members.
You can add this event to your personal calendar as a reminder by clicking on the ‘Add to calendar’ drop-down link on the Events Calendar page here. The time shown is PST.

Jun 15 – New IOM Class Secretary

The CRYA welcomes Peter Grimm, who has been appointed as the IOM Class Secretary. Peter is an avid IOM sailor who has attended the 2019 WCR in Brazil, the USA NCR in Texas this year and will be sailing in the WCR in Croatia this fall. He has been very active in promoting and attending IOM sailing events in the Pacific region. With many regattas having been cancelled over the past 2 years due to Covid restrictions, we are hoping for a return to some regularly scheduled events next year.

Volunteer wanted for Victoria Class Secretary position

The Class Secretary position does not entail a lot of work, but the duties are important for the functioning of the class. Those duties involve promoting the class and answering questions about the class rules and sailing locations, and along with the appropriate Regional Director, selecting and recommending host clubs to hold sanctioned events such as Regional and National Championship regattas.

Without a Class Secretary, a class cannot function. So if you are interested in helping the Victoria Class continue and prosper, we need you to volunteer. Remember, you will not be alone – the CRYA Board will be there to help as needed

Jun 13 – IOM World Championship Regatta allocations

NOR for the WCR in Croatia has been posted here:…ace-worlds

3.1 Entries and allocation of places shall be governed by IOMICA Class Championship Regulations 8, Entries. (See allocation of places available after June 27th 2022) The initial closing date shall be July 27th 2022. The allocation of places shall take place within 14 days of the initial closing date.

If you are planning on attending, please use this contact form to make your intentions known. Based on the above statement in the NOR, the allocation of places available to Canada will be known in 2 weeks.
Places will be awarded based on the IOM ranking results here:…l-2022.pdf

Mar 25 – HMS 2022 is now available

HMS has been updated to match the RRS2021-2024, notably some new scoring designations. The new version, including documentation is available here

The MYA link provides the following notes about the changes.

The Heat Management System (HMS) and the associated HMS Scoring Spreadsheet have been updated from HMS 2016 v1 to HMS 2022 v1. The update incorporates the new scoring abbreviations of ‘NSC – Not Sailed the Course’ and ‘UFD – U Flag Disqualification’ and removes two redundant abbreviations ZFP and DGM. This brings the scoring into alignment with RRS 2021-2024. A correction to Schedule A6 and a number of minor changes to the text have also been made.

Jan 15 2022 – In Memory of David Cook

It is with heavy heart that I announce the passing of one of our prominent IOM designers, builder and sailor, David Cook from Victoria BC. David passed on at 1:15PM Friday, January 14th after a short illness with Covid. David will be remembered for his positive & inspirational attitude, despite being confined to a wheelchair.

David Cook

David’s last IOM design, Porky Pig 7, Woody Woodpecker, is now on display at the Royal Victoria Yacht Club

David’s website is here –

A bio/interview by Bob Wells can be found here in this 2013 IOM Newsletter, starting on page 40.
Some obits posted online:


Canadian Radio Yachting Association

Besides being Canada’s radio sailing authority, and all the technical administration that comes with that responsibility, the CRYA brings together people from all parts of Canada to enjoy a sport that can be enjoyed by young and old. The Social aspects of participating in this sport can be very rewarding, talking boats, building boats, and sailing radio controlled boats, can be enjoyed by all.

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