April 8 – New RG65 website

Checkout the new (as of January 13th) RG65 ICA website. This looks like a great tool for RG65 owners & includes a forum which is viewable without a login. Lots of things are happening with the RG65 ICA, so this is a good way to keep up to date.

March 1 – Gentle reminder

For 2020 CRYA members in good standing, your 2021 dues have been paid by the CRYA.
Your 2021 membership card was emailed out to you last year in early October.
Please do not remit payment for 2021.

Feb 10 – 2022 IOM WCR announced

IOMICA are pleased to announce the NCA for Croatia has been successful in their bid to host the 2022 IOM World Championship. For Canada, this means 2 sailors are eligible to attend based on the IOM ranking results here. There may be room for a 3rd sailor in stage 2 allocations, depending on the number of attendees signed up from each country and their finishing order in the 2019 WCR.

Jan 18 – Lifetime PSN certificates for members in good standing have been email out.

Active paid members now have their PSN for the lifetime of their CRYA membership, with no further payments required, as per this page.

Jan 1 – 2021

A new monthly special feature will be published in the newsletter blog. Stay tuned here for further updates.

Canadian Radio Yachting Association

Besides being Canada’s radio sailing authority, and all the technical administration that comes with that responsibility, the CRYA brings together people from all parts of Canada to enjoy a sport that can be enjoyed by young and old. The Social aspects of participating in this sport can be very rewarding, talking boats, building boats, and sailing radio controlled boats, can be enjoyed by all.

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