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2014 AGM

2014 AGM

The AGM is now closed for voting. This page will remain active to serve as an annual report.

Dear CRYA Members,

Thanks for your patience as your executive assembles the first online AGM in the history of the CRYA. We hope that this format will help us overcome the geographic challenges of our membership distribution and will allow all members to have a voice in CRYA matters.

Below you will find:

  • President’s Report
  • 2014 Financial Statements
  • Class Secretaries Reports
  • Motion to vote on

If you have any questions on this process or any of the content, you will be given an opportunity to inquire or provide feedback/comments after the voting component.



President’s Report

After the work involved with incorporation the year passed comparatively quietly from the executive’s point of view.

The Association’s financial year is from December 1st membership renewals come in during December, January and February but continue to come in throughout the year along with new memberships. The year produced a modest increase in membership of approximately 12%. We are now issuing membership numbers approaching 1,200. During 2013 and early 2014 the database was cleaned up which resulted in a renumbering of members from approximately number 100 up.

Registration of new boats plus transfers of ownership of boats continued throughout the year and the total registered has reached the mid 1700’s. Along with the renumbering of members came the problem of reattaching boats to the new numbers. This has been completed.

The year saw the appearance of the Dragon Force which has boosted the RG65 class to recognition status. Viewing the table below shows the IOM and Soling classes have the largest number of boats owned by current members. What is not shown is that the predominant boat in the West is the IOM while in the East the Soling is the boat. Both classes held National and Regional Championships with the IOM Western having the largest fleet.

Class Status February 1st

Class/Registered/Active/% active

  • IOM 286 156 55
  • Soling 393 151 38
  • Victoria 183 60 33
  • Mini 12 84 36 43
  • US 1Meter 139 33 24
  • RG65 / DF 31 31 100
  • Footy 39 28 71
  • Marblehead 258 22 9
  • EC12 89 18 20
  • International A 11 8 72
  • 10 Rater 67 2 3

Active means the owner is a current member – the boat may or may not be so.

In accordance with the Racing Rules of Sailing, the Executive made available personal sail numbers to members. This does not replace the boat’s hull registration number but is of advantage to skippers who swop sails between boats or have a personal lucky number. I will not mention those who have trouble remembering which boat they are sailing! There are one hundred such numbers from 0 to 99 assigned to each region. It is unfortunate that this was not available to members earlier as it may have reduced the problems we have with hull registration numbers contravening class regulations and apparently issued at random.

The Association moved to a dependence on our website for operation and this has resulted in a considerable saving in operating costs. During the early part of the year some frustration was experienced with delays in maintenance and operation of the site which resulted in expense which might have been avoided. I am happy to say that since our secretary undertook the operation of the site things have been much better. However, the website need much more participation by the class secretaries and regional directors in adding content and much of this is undeveloped

During the year the executive approved assistance to the two Canadian entries to the IOM World Championship in the form of their entry fees. This is attributed to the year 2015. The Executive also agreed to waive membership fees for junior members attending an educational institute.

Class Secretaries Reports

For this AGM we have received reports from various class secretaries. The introductions are below. You can click to  read further.

IOM Class Secretary Report – from John Ball

Three Major Ranking Regattas were held in Canada in 2014:

  • Beaver Fever March 22/23 2014
  • Western Canadian Region Championship June 6/7/8 2104 Salt Spring Island
  • Canadian National Championship, Kingston, Sept 12/14 2014

My thanks to the hard working organizers who give up their racing to stage these events – without such willing volunteers, there would be no racing.

Gathering the points from the designated Canadian and USA regattas over 2013 and 2014, the Canadian IOM Rankings Top Ten skippers are…

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Soling Class Secretary Report from Paul Switzer

2014 Activities

Canadian Championships were hosted by Metro Marine Modellers of Toronto June 20 – 22 2014 attended by 24 sailors from Canada and the USA. Canadians as far away as Halifax and Americans from as far away as Florida competed won by Jim Goddard of Dartmouth NS.

Hudson YC, Quebec hosted…

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Victoria Class Secretary Report from John McKinney

A summary of 2014 activities is available on page 19 of the most recent CRYA newletter.

There will be a 2015 Canadian Victoria Nationals held September 4th through 6th hosted by the Woodstock Model Sailing Club in Woodstock, Ontario. details will be available early in April.

There will be a 2015 Ontario Region Victoria Championship Regatta hosted by Metro Marine Modelers Sail Division held August 23rd.

US 1 Meter Class Secretary Report from John Helmer

The US1M Fleet has shown very little activity over a number of years. When I took over as Class Secretary in 2010,I did a nationwide email survey in October 2010 to ascertain participation across the country. It was determined at that time that the only activity was in Ontario. I believe that remains the case with probably the only active fleet with regularly scheduled weekly racing based here in Windsor, Ontario.

In 2010 the CRYA active registration for US1M’s was roughly 25. Total boats in the registry archived over the years exceeded…

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2014 CRYA Financial Statement

30th November 2014

Cash and equivalents……………       775.41
Short term investment…………     14,000.00 **
Accounts receivable ………………          NIL
TOTAL Assets…………………     $14775.41
Membership revenue……………..     1969.74*
Boat registration…………………..       236.56
PSN…………………………………        46.50
Interest and PayPal……………….          0.09
Transfer from old CYRA account..   13017.48
Opening balance………………….        230.00*
TOTAL  Income…………………    $15533.77
Website…………………………….       393.76
Stationary/ Mail……………………       118.13
Office supplies…………………….        167.97
Bank Charges……………………..         78.50
TOTAL expenses…………………        758.36
Net Income………………………     $14775.41
  • GST not applicable
  • *The opening balance of $230 is mainly memberships and boat registrations deposited prior to incorporation.
  • ** $14,000 two term deposits of $6,000 and two term deposits of $1,000



Active members for 2014 /2015  – this includes  new members and members from 2014 who have not yet renewed their membership.  All 2014 members not renewing by 1st March will become inactive     
BC ………40
AB ………12
ON ………103
QC ………20
NS ………16

2015 Budget

Memberships                  $2,400
Boat registration           $200
Interest                             $140
Balance from 2014         $775
Total                                   $3515
Insurance                         $1,100
Website Hosting            $300
Mailing CRY                    $300
Office                                  $250
Web site, maint.            $450
WC entry assistance    $1000
Total                                  $3400
Surplus                              $115
Funds in Term Deposits.
Redeemable annually $12,000 in two units of $6,000
Redeemable monthly    $2,000 in two units of $1,000


Motions for Voting

The last item of this AGM is the voting component. After clicking on the link below, you will be asked to vote on two items:

  1. There is a motion to change the wording of the executive voting cycle. This change was meant to happen when the CRYA was officially incorporated in early 2014, but an oversight occurred during that process. Office terms are still two years, the proposed motion changes the election process such that it will occur at the end of every ODD year, instead of every EVEN year. This is simply to allow the first term after re-incorporation to be two years long instead of just one.
  2. The 2nd motion adds clarity to the requirement for competitors to be members of CRYA and for their boats to be properly registered before competing in a Regional or National competitive event.

Please click on the link below to begin the voting process. You will be asked some demographic information (your privacy is completely protected) and then the official motions will be presented. After  you vote, you will be offered the chance to submit any comments or message to the CRYA executive on any issue that you feel is important.

Voting has been closed for the 2014 year-end AGM.

If you experience any technical issues with the voting process, please contact the CRYA Executive Secretary Steve Kibble.



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