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2014 US 1 Meter Class Report

US1M Report for the CRYA 2014 AGM


The US1M Fleet has shown very little activity over a number of years. When I took over as Class Secretary in 2010,I did a nationwide email survey in October 2010 to ascertain participation across the country. It was determined at that time that the only activity was in Ontario. I believe that remains the case with probably the only active fleet with regularly scheduled weekly racing based here in Windsor, Ontario.

In 2010 the CRYA active registration for US1M’s was roughly 25. Total boats in the registry archived over the years exceeded 130 so a good number reside in dry dock, attics, garages & basements.

This class was once one of the more active in the CRYA but over the past fifteen years steady decline occurred. Numerous reasons include… switching to more accessible boats e.g. Solings, Victorias ( kits of moderate cost ); weed infested sailing sites that won’t accommodate the deeper US 1 Meter keels; the growing popularity of IOM fleet and any number of other factors including cost and the lack of readily available new boats.

The Windsor Model Yacht Club has held a regular US1M racing series every year since the Club was founded in 1994. This is expected to continue for the coming year.

Last year’s fleet registration was approximately ten boats, comprised of several Bob Sterne Venoms, a Venom knock off, two Dave Bowes designs ( a Bowes 4th and a Bowes 5th ) , with the balance of the fleet made up of Wick Smith designed Cobra’s. I am also aware of several other US1M’s in Woodstock and Toronto.

This past year saw a major disappointment when the Diet Memorial Regatta which had been sailed for 19 or so consecutive years was not contested. This event, for all CRYA One Meter class boats, had previously attracted many prominent model yachtsmen from Canada and the USA. It is hoped that the event will be back on the calendar this year.

Using this report as a forum I extend an invitation to anyone who has an interest in racing this “thoroughbred “of model yachts to contact the writer. Anyone who has sailed a US1M knows they are very fast and highly maneuverable. Visitors are welcome to join our weekly series when in our locale and if sufficient interest is shown from outside our area perhaps a true National Championship could be attempted. As it stands now it is pretty hard to describe it as a National contest if sailors are only from the Windsor Club.

John Helmer

CRYA US1M Class Secretary

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