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2020 AGM Ballot

2020 AGM Ballot form

Voting has now ended

Note – only members in good standing may vote. If you have not renewed your 2020 membership or wish to become a member to vote in this AGM, please click the Membership tab at the top of the screen.

To review Motions and discussions, please visit the CRYA Member AGM Forum thread here. You must register to view this forum. After submitting your registration request, you will receive an email form an administrator once you have been approved. See this page for forum registration instructions.

To vote simply fill in your member information, then scroll down the form and then select either ACCEPT, REJECT or ABSTAIN from each dropdown below the Motion (Required). Board members have been elected by Acclamation and as a courtesy you can voice your support by checking the Accept button (Optional).

Once complete click on the SUBMIT FORM button.