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Mar 25 – HMS 2022 is now available

HMS has been updated to match the RRS2021-2024, notably some new scoring designations. The new version, including documentation is available here

The MYA link provides the following notes about the changes.

The Heat Management System (HMS) and the associated HMS Scoring Spreadsheet have been updated from HMS 2016 v1 to HMS 2022 v1. The update incorporates the new scoring abbreviations of ‘NSC – Not Sailed the Course’ and ‘UFD – U Flag Disqualification’ and removes two redundant abbreviations ZFP and DGM. This brings the scoring into alignment with RRS 2021-2024. A correction to Schedule A6 and a number of minor changes to the text have also been made.

Jan 27 – Time for a Newsletter, looking for content.

The last CRYA newsletter was published in the Spring of 2020, so we are overdue for another newsletter. Did you build a new boat during the Covid lockdown? Send us your updates with photos so they can be added to the Winter-Spring 2022 Newsletter. Contact me here if you would like to submit something.

Jan 15 2022 – In Memory of David Cook

It is with heavy heart that I announce the passing of one of our prominent IOM designers, builder and sailor, David Cook from Victoria BC. David passed on at 1:15PM Friday, January 14th after a short illness with Covid. David will be remembered for his positive & inspirational attitude, despite being confined to a wheelchair.

David Cook

David’s last IOM design, Porky Pig 7, Woody Woodpecker, is now on display at the Royal Victoria Yacht Club

David’s website is here –

A bio/interview by Bob Wells can be found here in this 2013 IOM Newsletter, starting on page 40.
Some obits posted online:


Canadian Radio Yachting Association

Besides being Canada’s radio sailing authority, and all the technical administration that comes with that responsibility, the CRYA brings together people from all parts of Canada to enjoy a sport that can be enjoyed by young and old. The Social aspects of participating in this sport can be very rewarding, talking boats, building boats, and sailing radio controlled boats, can be enjoyed by all.

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