Canadian Radio Yachting Association, RC Sailing


Would be radio controlled model boat sailors are advised to consider what classes and types are sailed in their local area.  This can avoid disappointment and frustration. This site contains information on both sailing locations and the classes commonly sailed by club members.

For information please contact the class secretaries on the Contact Page or  the following as appropriate to your location for information. Please check the Affiliated Clubs page to see where these boats are sailed.

IOM US1M Class
International One Metre US 1 Meter
Soling Mini 12
Soling Mini 12
East Coast 12 Victoria
East Coast 12 Victoria
Marblehead UK International A Class
 Marblehead  International A Class
10 Rater
 10 Rater  RG65
Laser DragonForce65
 DragonFlite 95
 Weedless 1M Canada