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US 1 Meter

US1MThe U.S. One Meter Class is a developmental class, with very few design restrictions. The basic dimensions include, 39.3 inch overall hull length,14.25 inch keel depth and 600 square inch sail area. The class specifications allows the designer/builder to experiment with design, and encourages innovation.

While initially home built hulls from wood were common, over the years the class has evolved to the use of high tech materials with mainly carbon fiber hulls now being the norm. Kits, or complete boats can occasionally be found from one of a very few suppliers. Used boats which are still very competitive are available and may be your best best to enter this class.

The One Meter yacht is light weight ( 6lbs +/-), very fast and responsive to the controls. It is a fun boat to sail. An inexpensive two channel radio is required for control of sails and rudder. The boat is easily disassembled and fits in a small size automobile, for transporting to the pond or lake.

The class was originated in 1983 as an AMYA class. Full class specifications can be found at

This class has been overtaken in popularity over the years with participation regularly seen only in Ontario, principally Windsor and Toronto. Please advise if I have missed other active fleets. Regular weekly racing with double digit sized fleets is held April to September at the Windsor Model Yacht Club. Contact