Canadian Radio Yachting Association, RC Sailing

Prairies Region

At current time, the only active radio sailing club in the Prairie Region is the Calgary Model Sailing Association. If you know of another club or wish to start one, please get in touch.

The 2019 CMSA sailing schedule is posted here.

Radio Sailing on Glenmore Reservoir


Welcome to the Calgary Model Sailing Association. We are an enthusiastic and friendly group of people who predominantly race IOM sailboats up to three times a week from mid April to October. In the winter some of us also sail radio ice yachts.

Our home base is the Glenmore Reservoir in SW Calgary. We have access to two docks, one on the south side of the Reservoir by the Glenmore Sailing Club and the Glenmore Sailing School, and a second dock on the north side by the entrance to Heritage Park. Both docks have excellent access to parking and washrooms. However we also sail at a fantastic location in High River called Emerson Lake.


Our most current info and sailing times/locations can be discovered on the CMSA Facebook page. Or email us at

Note that you do not need to be a member of Facebook to view our Facebook page. All the discussion and photos are available for viewing by anybody. If you’d like to speak to an actual, real live human being, please contact your CRYA Prairie Region Director.

Thanks for your interest in RC Model sailing on the Prairies.