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The DragonForce 65 is a closed class one design RC Sailboat designed by the Gang of 3 in the UK and manufactured by Joysway RC Hobby in China in 2013.
It originally fit under the International RG65 class rules for racing with it’s own closed class rules within this class. However, in 2017 a new A+ sail plan was created which exceeds the maximum allowable sail area of the RG65 class rules. There are over 18,000 DF65s worldwide and based on the number registered in Canada, it is a recognized class of it’s own.

There have been 6 versions of this boat since it was released, with each newer version making minor improvements over previous versions. However, all versions remain competitive with no appreciable advantage between versions.

The latest DF65 rules can be found here:
DF65 Rigging and Tuning guides are here:
Here is an ongoing discussion of this boat from it’s release in 2013 to the present time.

You can contact the DF65 class secretary with this form.