Canadian Radio Yachting Association, RC Sailing

A very successful and fun regatta for the Mini-12 class

by Brian Credico, Commodore, Quinte Model Yacht Club

Many thanks to John Clay. Without his drive, enthusiasm and management, this regatta would not have happened!  And also to Blake, Marg and Brian, our volunteers who kept the day moving right along.  And Noah, our Sailing School Rib driver and mark setter.

The Friday forecast for the original Saturday date was terrible!  (Rain, T-storms, 40 kph gusts).So the decision was made to postpone to Sunday.  Although Saturday wasn’t nearly as bad as forecast, Sunday was a beautiful sunny day with lighter winds.

Racing was from 10:15 am to 3:15 pm, while the winds veered during the day from North to SSE.  So we kept our Rib driver busy resetting the marks as the wind shifted

In total, we got in eighteen good windward leeward multi-leg races.  “A” rig was definitely favoured and used by all the competitors.  Although the “B” rig would likely have been competitive for the last few races.


The nine racers were all gentlemanly on and off the water, good sailors and competitive.  And all were happy with the race organizing, the cookies, water and coffee provided.  The BQYC venue was ideal for gathering, and pretty much any wind directions.  As you can see from the photos, it’s one of the best locations you can find anywhere.  And the bar was open for a drink after the racing!

Here are the final results with total score for each racer.  Note that there was only ONE point difference between first and second place!  The three podium winners got very nice forged aluminium keeper trophies and Rick, of course, also will have his name added to the club trophy.


Trophies awarded to Peter Berlin (3rd), John McKinney (2nd) and Rick Levick (1st)

1) Rick Levick #219    Port Rowan            32

2) John McKinney #215 Woodstock         33

3) Peter Berlin #224 Toronto/Picton       56

4) Gudmund Thompson #108 Ottawa          61

5) Paul Stamison  #140 Ottawa                 71

6) Mike Ingham   #09  Ottawa                   72

7) Dave Laroque  #126  Almonte                86

8) Dave Cunningham #135 Toledo                92

9) Bernd(BJ)Buessecker #222 Brighton        101

All competitors also got a “Goody Bag” with useful and memorial content.  i.e. A labelled  Beer Mug and an “engraved” multi-tool jack knife.

We enjoyed hosting this regatta and look forward to other clubs hosting regattas in 2024.