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Hull and Sail Numbers

This page describes the importance of registering your new boat and obtaining a Hull Registration number, and how to display that number on the sails.

Hull Registration Number (HRN)

 For a boat to race in events using the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), it must be registered with CRYA and display its registration number on or in the hull and display the last two digits of the number on its sails.

The CRYA provides a boat registration process to its members and issues a registration certificate to the owner. The CRYA supplied registration number will be designated as the Hull Registration Number (HRN). Where a class requires a measurement certificate, the HRN will be required for a valid measurement certificate.

Some classes eg IOM specify how the numbers be allocated while other classes have no class rules covering registration numbers. Some classes treat the registration number as a sail number. Some classes require that the registration number be permanently affixed inside the hull.

This procedure is to clarify and standardize the process and display of Registration Numbers and with some exceptions, is based on the process for the IRSA International Classes.

HRN Procedures

A CRYA member in good standing may register a boat through the Boat Registration process on the CRYA web site.

The registration fee is set by the CRYA Board from time to time and is currently $0.

The Registration Request form goes to the Registrar, with a copy to the appropriate Class Secretary

The HRN will be assigned by the Registrar (unless by special provision, by the Class Secretary).

The Registrar will maintain a registry of assigned HRNs by class.

For each class the HRN will start at 01 and increment by one.

The HRN will remain with the hull for its life as a CRYA registered hull.

HRNs may not be transferred to a new hull. (see exception for DF65, DF95, Soling 1M).

The HRN will be affixed permanently to the interior of the boat where it may be easily visible. Suitable methods include indelible ink, paint, paper label pasted into the hull with epoxy or clear varnish.

Exception for DF65, DF95, Soling 1M. In these classes where a replacement hull may be readily purchased and provided the original damaged hull is scrapped, with the approval of the Registrar and Class Secretary, a replacement hull may inherit the original HRN.

To register your new boat and obtain your HRN, click on the Register a Boat tab on the CRYA home page or click here

Sail Numbers and Country Code

Boats wishing to race under the RRS must be able to be identified by the Race Committee and by other skippers, and to this end, must clearly display an identification number on their sails. Rules that control identification on sails for RC sailboats may be found in the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) – Appendix E8, which modifies parts of Appendix G. Appendix E8 states that a yacht shall display the last two digits of their hull registration number (HRN) or personal sail number (PSN) on their sails.

While E8 applies to all International Classes recognized by IRSA, there is a Sail Canada Prescription that applies E8 to all CRYA classes. While E8 specifies character size appropriate for 1 meter and longer boats, smaller boats may reduce the character size to comply with their own class rules, or to fit on the sails.

The International Letters for country code (CAN) are only required at designated International Events – so for racing inside Canada, those letters are optional.

HRN as Sail Number

As described in the RRS Appendix E8 and Sail Canada Prescriptions, the last two digits (or last three digits if permitted by the class rules) of the HRN or Personal Sail Number (if allocated) are displayed on the sails. The size and location of the sail numbers will be displayed as specified in Appendix E8 or by the appropriate Class Rules.

Personal Sail Numbers

The CRYA offers the option of Personal Sail Numbers (PSN) to members. The fee for PSN is set by the Board and is displayed on the PSN Application page of the web site. The fee may change from time to time

Note most skippers do not need and would not benefit from having a PSN and the registered HRN will provide sail identification – See HRN. The main benefit from having a PSN, is that all your boats of different classes may all display the same number, or if you have a number of hulls of the same class, you may easily switch rigs or sails between hulls.

These PSN procedures allow owners to be allocated a personal two-digit sail number. An owner may use a PSN for any class which the owner sails. It should be noted that having a PSN does not bestow any privileges in the event of a sail number conflict at events. Sail number conflict will be resolved based on a first come basis of regatta paid entry fee. The race committee have the responsibility to resolve the conflict as found in RRS E8.(b).5. (usually by requiring one boat to add a temporary ‘1’ in front of their two digits.

Allocation Process for PSN

A skipper wishing a Personal Sail Number may apply via the CRYA web site. The application form goes to the Registrar.

The PSN will be determined by the Registrar based on available numbers, and the request of the member. Every effort will be made to accommodate an owner’s in choice of a suitable number.

To maximise the numbers available for member choice, there shall be a hundred numbers available, 00 to 99 in each CRYA Region.

A certificate will be issued on payment being made of the PSN fee.

The fee shall be set from time to time by the Board.  The current fee is $25.

The owner is granted the use of the PSN while a CRYA member in good standing. Ownership of the number is not granted but may be displayed on a boat that you own, while you own it. If you sell your boat, the PSN should be removed from the sails and the original Hull Registration Number added.

An owner who lets their membership of the CRYA lapse for a period of three months shall lose the right to use the PSN allocated. The PSN will then be returned to the list of available numbers and may be reallocated immediately thereafter. However the PSN may be restored if still available upon the member returning to Good Standing.

To request a PSN click on the Register a boat/PSN tab on the CRYA Home Page or click here

The fee may be waived by the Board if it is to the CRYA’s benefit.