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International A Class

International A ClassThe International A class is the largest of all the international radio controlled yachts sailed and raced. They are
not limited in length, but are controlled by a formula which demands a balance between waterline length, displacement and sail area.

The class originated in the nineteen twenties to test what was to become the full size 5.5 metre.  Although boats are of a heavy ‘type’ the rule is flexible and modern designs have used the changes in materials and equipment to produce lighter and faster yachts.  Nevertheless they are big boats and a fleet of radio ‘A’ boats is both an impressive and awesome sight.

Boats are typically 2 metres long, weigh between 14 and 25kg, carry about one square metre of sail on a 2.5 metre mast.  Sail area effectively requires each hull to be measured and the draft and weight recorded before the sail area can be finalized.

Boats in this class enjoy a long competitive life.

There are A’s sailing in Ontario and in British Columbia and moulds exist in both provinces.

January 2018 News

The IRSA Technical Committee has issued an update for the A Class Rules here.

and the Class Rules may be found here