Canadian Radio Yachting Association, RC Sailing


LaserThe radio controlled Laser, the boat in a bag, is a scale version of the full sized Laser designed by the well known Canadian naval architect Bruce Kirby.

The RC Laser is modified by the substitution of a fin and ballast bulb for the full sized boat’s dagger board and movable crew weight.  The boat assembles for sailing in a few minutes.  Assembly of the Laser is very simple – keel, mast, rudder and sails snap into place followed by clipping on the sails and adding the batteries all in a few minutes and the boat is ready to sail.

The Laser has a number of rigs allowing it to sail in a variety of wind conditions.  The class rules restrict the class to what comes “out of the bag”

The RC Laser for has not yet reached CRYA recognized status but enthusiastic skippers hope this will be achieved during this year.  Owners are encouraged to help the class reach this goal which will allow the class to hold National and Regional Championships sanctioned by the Canadian Radio Yachting Association.

Laser class rules may be found here

Laser 3