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News Archive 2020

Dec 01 – New Soling 1M manufacturer

The original kit went out of production some time ago, when the manufacturer Victor closed their doors. The good new is that a new company has bought the rights and is beginning production. Note that the new producer’s kit has not yet been approved by the AMYA Soling 1M class association (who’s rules and guidance we follow). So these kits are not yet ‘class legal’. The manufacturer’s web site is here.  Youtube video review of kit here.

Oct 10 – RIP George Roberton

It is with sad heart that we announce the passing of George Roberton, our CRYA Quebec Regional director for many years.
You will find many of his articles and contributions to the CRYA in past newsletters here.
His obit can be found here.


Oct 9 – All 2021 membership cards have been sent

As a member in good standing for 2020, if you have not received your 2021 membership card, please check your spam/junk mail folder. You can also contact the registrar here if you have not yet received yours.

Oct 1 – Current members in good standing, do not pay a membership fee for 2021

Due to Covid-19 curtailing sailing activities this year, the CRYA has paid the 2021 membership dues for all members in good standing for the current year (2020). Your 2021 membership cards will be mailed out to you this month.

Sept 14 – New Class Secretary for DF95 Class

The CRYA Board is pleased to announce that Wilson Chong has volunteered to take over responsibility for the DF95 Class in addition to his role as DF65 and RG65 Class Secretary.

July 16 – World Sailing has published the new RRS for 2021-2024

World Sailing has published the new edition of the RRS for 2021 – 2024 and it may be found here . These updates come into effect on January 1st, 2021.

July 3 – Weedless 1M Canada Class rules updated

The Weedless 1M Canada Class rule change that was adopted by the class members at the recent CRYA AGM has been approved by the Board. The updated version is now available on the Weedless 1M Canada Class Page – click on Classes Tab above

June 25 – The CRYA 2020 AGM has closed.

The 2020 Annual General Meeting has concluded. There were seven motions, and all were passed. Briefly, the motions were a bylaw revision to make them more readable and standardize various terms, changes to the names for the Pacific and Atlantic regions, removal of the President’s tie break vote for Executive meetings, a class rule change for the Weedless 1M Canada class to provide a mechanism for future rule changes, negate the use of a Public Accountant this year for our financials, and the retiring of Personal Sail Number 46 as a token of respect to honour the memory of Barry Fox.

The CRYA Executive and directors who ran for office, were unopposed, and were elected by acclimation.

The results of the voting may be found here

The revised copy of the bylaws may be found under the Information Tab (above), and the list of officers appears on the Contact Tab (above). The Weedless 1M Canada updated rules will be posted as soon as the Board has signed off on the change.

The Board wishes to thank those who joined the Members Only Forum and participated in the meeting. There is a topic on the forum for feedback on the AGM, to help us improve the process in using this ‘virtual’ meeting approach which may be found here.

June 12 – The CRYA 2020 AGM has been called to order

Please login to the CRYA Member Forum here to view the motions and discussions.

May 26 – IOM ranking page has been updated

Posted on the IOMICA page here:
The bidding for the IOM World Championship will be suspended until further notice and bidding opened for other possible continental championships to take place in 2021. Bids are welcomed from today until 6th July 2020. On conclusion of this process, the bidding will be reopened for the IOM World Championship which will take place in 2022.
Please see this page to review the impact of this announcement and see our latest IOM Rankings

May 22 – Notice of Canadian Radio Yachting Association 2020 Annual General Meeting

The secretary has sent out an email to all members in good standing announcing the 2020 AGM.
The 2020 Annual General Meeting of the Association will be held from 09:00 Pacific Daylight Savings
Time, June 12, 2020 to 24:00 PDT, June 23, 2020 The meeting will be virtual with discussion
facilitated on the CRYA Member Forum. Instructions to access the member forum are here. A link to the voting form will be provided in the AGM-2020 forum thread on June 12, once discussions have been completed,
The complete announcement with agenda is posted here.

May 15 – PSN fee structure has been changed

The CRYA board has voted to change the PSN fee from $5 annually to a $25 member lifetime fee. Existing PSN owners are grandfathered under this new process, and no further payments are required. More details can be found on the updated PSN page here.

Apr 29 – CRYA and Covid-19  A Board Announcement

The impact of Covid-19 has led to the postponement or cancellation of many regattas, and has prevented local clubs from even having regular sailing days. So the CRYA Board has decided that our members have not received much value for their membership dues this year. To compensate for this, the Board has decided that any members who pay their dues for the 2020 year, will have their membership extended to the end of 2021 – two years for the price of one! This extension will also apply to those who have a Personal Sail Number (PSN) and have paid their fee for 2020.

For those of you who have not yet paid your dues for 2020 (or PSN fee), please go ahead and do it now – as a paid up member you will be able to vote in the upcoming Annual General Meeting, and have access to the new Member’s Only Forum.

This waiver of Membership dues and PSN fees will negatively affect the 2021 budget by approximately $2500, but this loss of income can be accommodated from our current surplus.

Apr 9 – Covid-19 A Message from the CRYA Board

Message from the CRYA Executive and Board.  Radio sailing is a social event. Many CRYA Members are over 60 years of age. If infected, older people are more likely to become seriously ill or die. There is no specific treatment for COVID-19 infection once one gets the disease. So every effort must be made to prevent being infected, thus Canadian Federal and Provincial Government, as well as local authorities’ rationale for Strict Social Separation.

Model sailing as a group is simply not worth the risk to our Members, in the mind of your Officers and Board of Directors. All CRYA-sanctioned events scheduled for June 1st, 2020 or sooner, have already been cancelled or postponed. This includes all Regional and National Championship regattas.

The CRYA cannot ORDER local clubs to take any action. That is the role of local Club leaders. We recommend that all local Clubs consult with and follow the recommendations of their local Boards of Health, Municipal, and Provincial recommendations concerning Club activities. Please do not try to find ways around social separation- consider the safety of your Members.

Mar 22 – Covid-19 starting to impact the RC racing schedule

Announcement from Metro Marine Modellers – The Metro Marine Modellers has suspended planning for the following 2020 sailing regattas:  The Colenbrander Cup (June 14) , The Soling One Meter Canadian National Championship (June 27 and 28th), the Dragon Force 65 Canadian National Championship (September 19 and 20) and the Dragon Flite 95 Canadian National Championship (May 30 and 31). At present it appears that the coronavirus epidemic will not be resolved in time to host these events this sailing season.

Thank you all for supporting our regattas. We are disappointed not to host these events this year. Refunds will be issued to those who signed up for our regattas. However, regatta preparations are at an advanced stage and can be resurrected when circumstances warrant.

Particular thanks to Michael Steele and David Tweedale for their hard and resourceful work organizing these events. We wish everyone a safe summer season and look forward to sailing with you again.

David Allsebrook. Sail Captain

Announcement from MYA/IRSA – The 10R/Marblehead Twin World Championship, scheduled for June in West Kirby. UK as been postponed. It is hoped that it will be rescheduled for the same period in 2021.

Announcement from US IOM Class Assoc. – 2020 AMYA Region 1 IOM Championship May 1-3, Newport has been cancelled and removed from the Calendar of Events.

Mar 13 – List of 2019 CRYA members in arrears

CRYA members that have not paid their $10 membership dues for 2020 are not in good standing and become inactive on March 31st. Members with PSNs must also pay a $5 annual fee to maintain their PSN status. A list of member numbers and PSNs is published here.
NOTE: If you paid your 2020 membership and did not receive your card please check your Spam/Junk Mail folder, as some members are receiving the renewal reply from in these folders.

Mar 12 – CRYA new Members’ Only forum

In the latest newsletter it was announced there is a new MyBB member forum on the CRYA web server.
This forum is for sharing information on events by class or region as well as a Classifieds section. This is also a means of communication between the membership and the board. It can be accessed here. You must be a member in good standing & provide your email address, membership number, postal code and real first and last name to register.

Mar 11 – Metro Marine Modellers DF65 NOR  

The NOR and entry form are now available for the CRYA DF65 National Class Championship Regatta hosted by Metro Marine Modellers, Toronto – click on the event Calendar entry for the event on the right side pane.

Mar 05 – The Coronavirus and RC Sailors – Message from IRSA & World Sailing

Dear Members,
We are all acutely aware of the emerging pressures on world societies as the Coronavirus continues to spread across the countries.
It is clear there is a high potential to disrupt radio sailing at both international and national levels.
It seems the wisest to refer to what World Sailing is suggesting as they continue to update their information for sailors and administrators in all forms of sailing.
Attached is the latest article from WS. You will continue to be updated as much as possible as more information becomes available.

Hoping you can all remain safe and healthy in these uncertain times.
Selwyn Holland
(IRSA Secretary)

March 02 – Fall and Winter Newsletter

Fall 2019/Winter 2020 Newsletter has been published here.
Some major announcements are in the issue:

  • AGM date is set for May 16th
  • New newsletter format
  • Member communication enhancements

Feb 29 – Membership Renewals for 2020 are now past due –

Annual Membership has been reduced and is now $10 for this year (2020).

The renewal and application forms have been combined updated. There are now 2 forms, one for PayPal and one for Cheque or Interac e-Transfer payments. They can be found here.


Click on the Image above for NOR and fill-able entry form

Feb 29 – Newsletter coming

Stay tuned for the CRYA Newsletter which is waiting in the wings to set sail in the next day or 2.
Here is a peek at the updated business calendar.

CRYA Business Calendar

  • MARCH 1ST – Members with unpaid dues become “not in good standing” and may not vote at meetings.
  • MAY 1ST – Members remaining “not in good standing” cease to be members.
  • AGM. (after odd numbered years at date determined by Board but no later than 15 months after the previous AGM or May 31, whichever is earlier.
  • NOVEMBER 1st (odd numbered years) Call for nominations for the Board posted on website and newsletter. Nominations are made by email to the Secretary and are effective upon the Secretary receiving email consent from the nominee. Nominations close upon the commencement of the AGM.
  • NOVEMBER 30th End of fiscal year.
  • DECEMBER 1st – FEBRUARY 28 Membership dues are due for the then commencing year.
  • DECEMBER 31st. In odd years. Recommended date to submit any proposals or special resolutions (Articles or Bylaws changes) for the AGM, as they must be included in the Notice of Meeting that is sent out 21 to 60 days before the AGM.  Proposals should include details and special resolutions must include exact text to be voted upon.

Feb 16 – RIP Barry Fox

We received this email from Jan Schmidt last night:

Hello everyone,
It is with a heavy heart that I share the news that Barry Fox passed away this morning. His three children were with him, and his passing was peaceful.
I am not sure of what will happen next but will let everyone know if there are plans of a service. For now, we will focus on celebrating this wonderful man who was a friend to all.
In great sadness,

Barry was the IOM Class Secretary and Western Region Director. He passed away following a year long fight with Pancreatic Cancer. He was working hard for RC sailing right to the end. He contributed to sailing on many levels, helping local skippers build their boats, laying down his own boat to run events, but also through IOMICA he contributed around the world. Tributes have arrived from across Canada, from the USA, Europe and New Zealand – Barry will be missed. There will be more about Barry in the next issue of the CRYA Quarterly Newsletter.

Read more on Barry from his friends here

Feb 1 – Western Regional IOM Championship Regatta announced

More good news for the Canadian IOM Class. We have approved giving the sanction for the BC/Western Regional Championship Regatta for the IOM Class to the Steveston RC Sailing Club. The really good news on top of that is that the event will be held at a new and picturesque site at the facilities of the Whistler Sailing Association in Whistler, BC. This is a location noted for building winds nearly every day. The event will be conducted over the weekend of June 13-14, 2020 with a more detailed schedule to be covered by the event NOR and subsequent SI.

This will be a second event to be used for the IOM Class Ranking scores. This is also the first Regional event to be held on the mainland of BC and it is great to see the activity in this area continue to grow. Watch for the NOR and enter early.

Barry Fox
CRYA IOM Class Secretary

Jan 23 – Newly formed Weedless class recognized by the CRYA

Radio Sailors, are you having problems with weeds in your sailing pond?

A new class of RC Sailboat has emerged in the East. It has met the 20 member CRYA requirement to attain official class status in Canada. Details may be found on the Classes page and on this page.

Jan 22 – 2020 IOM National Championship Regatta

On behalf of the IOM class in Canada I am extremely pleased to be able to announce that the Canadian National Championship Regatta will return to Eastern Canada. It will take place around the weekend of September 12 -13 at the Kingston Yacht Club in Kingston, ON. This is due to the ongoing hard work of Paul Switzer to ensure that all the details of holding this event are resolved favourably and making it all possible to go ahead.

In part CRYA is seeing an increase in IOM yachts being registered in Eastern Canada and that is a refreshing change from some of the past years. The time is right and it feels good to be able to move the event to Eastern Canada again.

The exact schedule and more details will be available over the next weeks as the NOR for the event is created and published. Hopefully we will see entries from all across Canada to come sail at a location that is famous for providing great sailing environment.

Barry Fox
CRYA IOM Class Secretary

Canadian Radio Yachting Association

Besides being Canada’s radio sailing authority, and all the technical administration that comes with that authority, the CRYA brings together people from all parts of Canada to enjoy a sport that can be enjoyed by young and old. The Social aspects of participating in this sport can be very rewarding, talking boats, building boats, and sailing radio controlled boats, can be enjoyed by all.

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