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Register a Boat

Boat Registration and Sail Numbers

Hull Registration Numbers (HRN)

CRYA members may register their boats with the CRYA and will be assigned a hull registration number. Boats are registered within their class. Any boat class may be considered an official CRYA class if there are 20 or more members having registered boats. The policy for the issuing of a Hull Registration Number is as follows:

  • The lowest available number in the register is assigned.
  • A number is unique to a boat. Duplicate numbers will not be issued.
  • A number will not be re-issued to a replacement hull
  • If a boat is transferred into Canada from another jurisdiction it has to be re-registered. Its existing registration number will only be assigned if the boats hull existing registration number is vacant and less than the total number of boats registered in the class.
  • Hull registration number shall be printed legibly on an accessible portion of the hull interior. This may be done with permanent marker.

International classes have class rules regarding identification which must be followed.

Please Note: You must be a CRYA member to register your boat.

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Sail Numbers

A boat’s sail number is the last two digits of its hull registration number. See the RRS Appendix E8 here.

Personal Sail Numbers – please see the Personal Sail Numbers page