Canadian IOM Ranking

Canadian IOM Ranking System

Latest Canadian IOM Ranking is here:

2019 Canadian IOM Ranking Events schedule is published here.

Effective October 31st 2017.

Eligible Events for Canadian Rankings:

  • Certain Canadian regattas will be designated as Ranking events and each Region may hold up to two Ranking events per year. The US already has a system of designating their Ranking regattas. For inclusion in the Canadian Rankings, only certain US events will count; and these are the US National and Regional Championship events. Excluded are those designated as Annual Club recurring events.
  • Attendance at a World or Continental Championship may be counted.
  • Points are obtained for your best four Canadian Ranking events plus your best two US ranking events per year plus a World and/or Continental Championship event per year.

The Ranking will include points gained for the previous calendar year, plus the current calendar year. The Scoring system rewards attending regattas and starting in at least one race with 10 points,

  • Plus one point for each boat beaten that started in at least one race
  • Plus bonus points for a top four finish (10 points for first, 6 for second, 4 for third and 2 for fourth).
  • It will also awards points to a sailor who stands down from racing to help run the event (10 points).

Example 1:
The WCR is held after June 30th and the cutoff date for entries is 6 months prior to the event – January 1st or later.  The ranking events that count towards this are up to four Canadian ranking events and your best two US ranking events in the year prior to the WCR, plus your best 4 Canadian and best 2 US ranking events held in the same year as the WCR.

Example 2:
The WCR is held on or before June 30th, then the registration cutoff date is before December 31st in the previous year. Regattas held the previous year and the year prior to that are eligible for ranking status based on the best four CAN and two USA annual events.

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