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Motion 2 Discussion – Against

The motion is not supported by the current CRYA executive.

While some of the executive members are not against the concept of financial support for National and Regional events, none of the executive members support this motion the way it is currently structured.

Most importantly, the maximum limit of $3000 per year will place he Association in a deficit situation, and potentially bankrupt the CRYA after just 4-5 years. Alternatively, it would require a membership fee increase of 66%, with no loss in membership, to be sustainable. The current executive does not find this acceptable. Additionally, legal advice has suggested that the placement of dollar amounts directly into a constitution or into bylaws is to be avoided.

While the motion mentions one and two day events, it does not recognize three day events. Further, it does not define minimum parameters for a National or Regional event – a minimum number of competitors, for example. While this has perhaps identified something that needs to be addressed (basic guidelines and minimum requirements for National/Regional events), there exists a possibility that two people on a pond, out for a day sail, could call their event a National or Regional championship and qualify for funding.

The proposed motion is to supply financial support based the number of Canadian entries being greater than the number of international ones. The executive does not agree with this. For example, the most recent IOM Championship that was held in Kingston, Ontario, would not  have qualified, as the American entries outnumbered the Canadian ones. It could be foreseen that an event organizer could restrict US entries to avoid loss of funding. The CRYA should be supporting cross-border competition, in both directions, and if support is to be offered it should be offered based on the total number of all competitors. Event organizers should be encouraged to invite American and international competitors, and should not be penalized for being successful in their efforts to do so.

The motion requires the subsidy to be provided once the event is sanctioned. In other words, long before the event takes place. So what happens if the event is cancelled? Most current clubs would probably return the funds, but any change to the constitution or bylaws must account for future occasions. It may be difficult to get the funds returned, leaving the CRYA in a financial liability situation.

The motion does not supply any evidence about the hard costs to host a National or Regional championship event. It is thought that this research should be completed and made public before suggesting a fixed level of support.

When the motion was first submitted, the CRYA executive suggested several changes to improve it. The proposers were unwilling to make any changes to  the submission.

As stated above, some of the current executive agree with the concept of financial support for National and Regional events. However, the way this motion is worded presents a host of potential problems for future CRYA executive members to manage. Perhaps the issue can be discussed over the course of this year, and a revised version can be submitted for voting in the 2016 AGM.

It is advised by CRYA executive that the membership do not approve this motion.

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